Graduation Album


  • Duration: May 2021 to July 2021
  • Location: Apartsa, Shenzhen, China


As fresh gradautes, we want to develop an application to collect wishes from our friends. However, we only had a week before the graduation ceremony which would be the peak hour of this application…


We are a 3-member team:

  • me: Backend and cloud deployment.
  • Yongqi Zhang: Design with Figma and project manager.
  • Qicong Guo: Frontend developer.

I developed the backend on the stack of Python, MySQL and Serverless and deployed on Tencent Cloud. In total, we had more than 600,000 users in 3 months. During the peak hours, we scaled MySQL clusters out. The total cost was fewer than $50 per month.

Related Techniques

  • Design:
    • Figma
  • Frontend:
    • React.js
  • Backend:
    • Python
    • Serverless
    • Tencent Cloud (one of the leading Chinese cloud providers)
    • MySQL Cluster
  • Collaboration:
    • GitHub