USTF: ERG3010 Data and Knowledge Management

Undergraduate course, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, 2019

The Undergraduate Student Teaching Fellow of ERG3010 Data and Knowledge Management.

Course Information

This course introduces the database management knowledge and basic data mining techniques. The database we used is MySQL. We also discuss about the relational model, E-R relational model, formal relational query language, BCNF decomposition, PHP programming, web interface design, data reduction and knowledge mining techniques.


My responsibility is to hold tutorial sessions every two weeks. In the tutorial I prepared the materials and provided tutoring for students, especially the SQL language and user application design parts. The main contents I covered include SQL programming, MySQL Workbench usage, knowledge about network and web application, Flask application development, and JavaScript programming.

Supplemental Materails

The following is a list of supplemental materails I used. They have been open-sourced on GitHub so you can feel free to cite and use them.